Deep House
Damage Inside
Damage Inside
Damage Inside (Original Mix) (7:05) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.56) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.68) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.8)
Damage Inside (Christos Fourkis Remix) (4:27) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.56) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.68) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.8)
Damage Inside (Studio Deep Remix) (5:27) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.56) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.68) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.8)
Damage Inside (Emiliano Martini Reverse Dub) (7:09) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.56) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.68) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.8)
ВСЕ: 84 руб. (€1.1/$1.34) 102 руб. (€1.34/$1.63) 120 руб. (€1.58/$1.92)
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Spring Tube's 222nd release is the second full single for the tracks from our main label's 2017 sampler. And it's the vocal single "Damage Inside" by Zatonsky in a collaboration with A&I and Sasha Colos.

After releasing with us two singles in 2016 ("Summertime" feat. Alexandra Pride, and "Vision" / "Saw The Way" feat. Aves Volare & Alula) this year Zatonsky teams up with A&I and Sasha Colos for presenting his third single on Spring Tube.

Besides the "Damage Inside" memorable original version from our latest sampler this single includes three different new remixes. First up is one of our finest veterans - the one-and-only Christos Fourkis with another masterpiece remix work for our label. Next are the Studio Deep guys who were remixing for Zatonsky's first single on Spring Tube and now deliver here another interpretation in style. And closing off this single is an author of one of our bestsellers this year (the track "About Time") - Emiliano Martini with his signature sounding version which has less the vocals and complements this pack perfectly.

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