Deep House
Day in Day Out
Day in Day Out
Day in Day Out (Original Mix) (6:54) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
Day in Day Out (Stephen J. Kroos Remix) (5:59) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
Day in Day Out (Wej Remix) (6:40) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
ВСЕ: 112 руб. (€2.06/$1.95) 136 руб. (€2.5/$2.36) 160 руб. (€2.94/$2.78)
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After presenting the first of the two Spring Tube's singles from Stephen J. Kroos' latest album we're ready to present also the first of the two singles from the latest album of other our resident - Anthony Mea.

First up from Anthony's 'Border' album is the "Day In Day Out" single.
Besides the original version which is produced in the best traditions of Mea's clear and smooth, dreamy and melodic deep house sound the pack includes two different remixes - by our one-and-only Stephen J. Kroos who delivers here another gem but this time in a more deep vision than his usual sounding, and Wej who is one of Spring Tube's main 'Nu Breeds' discoveries from the past year and whom we have now in this single with the great progressive house interpretation.
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