Plastinka #2
Plastinka #2
Ivan Starzev - China Kiss (Original Mix) (5:34) 11 руб. (€0.13/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.21)
Satoshi Fumi - Shizuku (Original Mix) (6:57) 11 руб. (€0.13/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.21)
Iner - Vsem Dobra (Original Mix) (7:02) 11 руб. (€0.13/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.21)
Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) - Discreet State (Club Mix) (3:55) 11 руб. (€0.13/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.21)
ВСЕ: 35 руб. (€0.45/$0.49) 43 руб. (€0.55/$0.6) 50 руб. (€0.64/$0.7)
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Russian label Soviett presents its second long-awaited vinyl release, Plastinka #2. The interval between the first and the second record turned out to be lasting 7 months — the team was tuning the distribution process so the Russian vinyl would be available in most countries and popular international online shops.

Plastinka #2 starts with «China Kiss» by Ivan Starzev. A prominent Russian musician who participates in creative works of both electronic music projects and acts that play only live, Ivan is a citizen of the world who instantly changes his current location depending on inspiration and touring schedule. «China Kiss» is a particular musical fusion of Ivan’s impressions acquired from that unique land.

A great trans-border achievement for the label was the accedence of the renown Tokyo-based producer Satoshi Fumi to compose a track especially for Plastinka #2. «Shizuku» translated from Japanese means «droplet», but exactly these few drops of musical content open up a whole ocean of meaning. This track by Satoshi is full of melodic progressive house at the border of modern house, classical piano motives and Asian flavour.

Iner — a Belorussian musician from Minsk currently residing and producing new works in the Northern capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg, recorded a «Karmic» track named «Vsem Dobra» with a title phrase «I mean everybody well!». A track with Russian lyrics on each «Plastinka» is Soviett’s feature that was launched on the previous record with the track «Kto Ty» by Cream Soda. The optimistic and fabled sound by Iner will fill any Indie Dance set with kindness and might also even fit for Hip-Hop DJs for their performances at the turntables.

The tracklist is finalized by Evgeny Svalov (4Mal), producer and head of the prominent domestic project «Russian Cybernetics». 4Mal works are being released on vinyl since 2005, «Plastinka #2» will become the 5th 12″ in Evgeny’s discography — for our label he recorded a leisurable offshore Nu Disco track.

«Plastinka» vinyl series by Soviett Records means maximum value for the DJ on every release — 4 full-length tracks in club-friendly versions for any House/Indie Dance/Nu Disco set!
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