Progressive House
BN2 1TW (Spring Tube Edition)
BN2 1TW (Spring Tube Edition)
BN2 1TW (Original Mix) (9:59) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
BN2 1TW (Ocean Gaya Remix) (6:47) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
BN2 1TW (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) (8:05) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
BN2 1TW (Faskil Remix) (8:21) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
BN2 1TW (Matrick Remix) (7:21) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
ВСЕ: 126 руб. (€1.67/$1.9) 153 руб. (€2.02/$2.3) 180 руб. (€2.38/$2.71)
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Following single release on Proton's Particles the "BN2 1TW" theme now is seeing its edition on Spring Tube.

The original comes from Polish duo Kobana & Yane3Dots which is already noticed by an almighty AnjunaDeep with couple of works released on this imprint. And we present the remixes on any taste delivered by some of our best artists.

After remixing for Spring Tube Satoshi Fumi's & Aelyn's hit "You Know" one year ago France's deep house veteran Ocean Gaya [Plastic City, Dutchie, Low Flow, Deepology, Acryl] is back on our label with another classy remix work which shows the original theme from harmonic deeper side.

Next up is the sunniest housey interpretation by Spring Tube's regular, Latvian tandem Blood Groove & Kikis, which besides plenty of releases on our label already has signed some of works on In Deep Records and several other quality imprints. The perfect soundtrack for warm spring days and forthcoming hot summer eve!

Recently released with Spring Tube "How To Confuse A Cat" single Belgian progressive house icon Faskil [microCastle, FeralCode, Navigation, Frisky, Composure] returns on our label with another masterpiece work that shows what we love his sound so much for. Outstanding remix by Faskil!

Finally in the package we have also something for progressive breaks lovers and it's an interpretation by the newcomer for our roster but not that new for the scene - Matrick [Baroque, Outta Limits, Indigo, Digital Sensation UK, Mistique] from Russia. The most unexpected but doubtless great version which successfully closes the package.
Passion & Confusion
Toly Braun
What You Want
J Take
Perfect Love