Indie Dance
Dance (Original Mix) (3:25) 11 руб. (€0.14/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.22)
Dance (The Villars Remix) (3:06) 11 руб. (€0.14/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.22)
Dance (Misha Gramotin Remix) (3:52) 11 руб. (€0.14/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.22)
Dance (Filizola Remix) (5:08) 11 руб. (€0.14/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.22)
Waves (Original Mix) (3:38) 11 руб. (€0.14/$0.15) 13 руб. (€0.16/$0.18) 15 руб. (€0.19/$0.22)
ВСЕ: 35 руб. (€0.45/$0.51) 43 руб. (€0.55/$0.62) 50 руб. (€0.65/$0.72)
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Miike More and M.Y. didn't overthink while choosing the title of their latest common song, and yes, you could hardly call it a club track. «Dance» in it's original version is intended for your listening pleasure, be it a morning background at an urban dweller's kitchen, AUX-stream in a car or an inspirational playlist to capture new ideas behind a work desk. The team of the Russian label Soviett as expected completes the new single with diverse remixes that will soon be loaded to many players from their record boxes because there is a choice: the version by The Villars (you may remember his impressive artist album recently released on Soviett too) pushes the tempo up and is useful both at the gym or at party prime time, the remix by Misha Gramotin is a beautiful addition to those chilly hours after sunset and the interpretation by Filizola adds a certain amount of lightsome mood even if the weekend is already over. The track «Waves» is a special bonus on the release — use it at least once as your alarm clock melody and imagine Daft Punk playing only for you in the morning.
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