Progressive House
Fall into Place
Fall into Place
Fall into Place (Original Mix) (7:40) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
Fall into Place (Rich Curtis Remix) (7:40) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
Fall into Place (Ryan Sullivan Remix) (8:20) 35 руб. (€0.46/$0.53) 43 руб. (€0.56/$0.64) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.75)
ВСЕ: 84 руб. (€1.11/$1.27) 102 руб. (€1.35/$1.54) 120 руб. (€1.59/$1.81)
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Spring Tube Limited' 116th release is the next full single for the tracks from our latest sampler. And here we have some special outing for you, as it is by the legendary producer Chris Micali from USA.

In 14 years of production career Chris released his music on such a renowned imprints as Bedrock, Vapour, Bonzai, Flow, Curvve, Fade, Release Records, Aurium, Witty Tunes, Commonwealth, and others. Whereas we have debuted Micali on Spring Tube in the end of 2015 with a bunch of three interpretations for the "Before I Go" single by Randy Seidman & Ad Brown feat. Tom Tyler.

In November of 2017 we present you the "Fall Into Place" single which is Chris Micali's first personal release on our label as well as his first personal release in more than two years.

Besides a splendid "Fall Into Place" original version, which was featured on Spring Tube Limited' this year's sampler, and already gained support from the likes of Matt Cerf, Matan Caspi, Tim Penner, Ingo Vogelmann, and Storyteller, this single includes two brand new remixes by the prominent producers from Australia and South Africa - Rich Curtis and Ryan Sullivan, respectively.

Rich is back on Spring Tube after remixing for us Satoshi Fumi's "Composition" in 2015, and Ewan Rill's "Lotos" in 2016. Whereas Ryan is back on our label after remixing for us Stephen J. Kroos' "Study The Progressions Of The Past" in the beginning of 2017. All these works were a significant for us. And here we have another gems by these masters for Chris Micali's "Fall Into Place" single!

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