Progressive House
Golden Cave
Golden Cave
Golden Cave (Original Mix) (7:07) 56 руб. (€0.96/$0.94) 68 руб. (€1.17/$1.14) 80 руб. (€1.38/$1.35)
Golden Cave (Navid Mehr Remix) (6:35) 56 руб. (€0.96/$0.94) 68 руб. (€1.17/$1.14) 80 руб. (€1.38/$1.35)
Golden Cave (Mariana Pres. Drogo Remix) (7:21) 56 руб. (€0.96/$0.94) 68 руб. (€1.17/$1.14) 80 руб. (€1.38/$1.35)
ВСЕ: 112 руб. (€1.93/$1.89) 136 руб. (€2.34/$2.29) 160 руб. (€2.76/$2.69)
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Spring Tube Limited' 79th release is another full single for the tracks from label's latest sampler.

Nick Varon is a prominent DJ/producer from Spain's Barcelona. Having played at some of the best venues around the world such as Pacha in New York, Mansion in Miami, Ageha in Tokyo, and Creamfields Festival in Buenos Aires, he has also released his own production works on such a respectable imprints as Sudbeat, System, Asymmetric, Classound, The Last Of Us, a.o.

We're honoured to have Nick on Spring Tube Limited with his "Golden Cave" single. Besides the great original from our latest sampler the release includes two different new remixes.

First we welcome here Navid Mehr [Movement, Sudbeat, CHANGE AUDIO, Proton, Stripped, Dopamine, Sound Avenue] from Canada's Toronto. His remix was charted this month by maestro Hernan Cattaneo. And now we present this classy Navid's work for all of you.

The second remix is delivered by Adam Kent from UK's Bristol. He is known to our followers with the memorable remix on Stephen J. Kroos' "Codd" under his Mariana alias two years back. Now Adam returns on Spring Tube Limited with the splendid remix work for this our single under his actual alias - Drogo.
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