Deep House
New Leaf
New Leaf
New Leaf (Original Mix) (7:28) 56 руб. (€1.01/$0.98) 68 руб. (€1.23/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.44/$1.39)
New Leaf (Allende Remix) (8:27) 56 руб. (€1.01/$0.98) 68 руб. (€1.23/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.44/$1.39)
New Leaf (Adam Byrd Remix) (7:14) 56 руб. (€1.01/$0.98) 68 руб. (€1.23/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.44/$1.39)
ВСЕ: 112 руб. (€2.02/$1.95) 136 руб. (€2.45/$2.37) 160 руб. (€2.89/$2.79)
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Spring Tube's 190th release is the second full single for the tracks from label's 2016 sampler. This time we go with Rishi K.'s "New Leaf".

Karim Gargour aka Rishi K. has an impressive discography with the releases on such a respectable imprints as Perfecto, Pacha, Nervous, Dutchie, Seta, I Records, Ready Mix, Savoir Faire, NuevaDeep, and his own Sonic Soul Records among others. After releasing on Spring Tube two remix works (on Blood Groove & Kikis' "Dice" in 2014, and Claes Rosen's "Wanna Do Right" in 2016) and two personal singles ("Last Love" w/ remixes by Chriss Ronson and Prosis in 2014, and "Melodica" w/ remixes by Harold Heath and Meloder in 2015) this year Rishi presents with us his third single - "New Leaf".

Besides the great original in the best traditions of Rishi K.'s signature melodic deep house sound the pack includes two excellent remixes by some of Spring Tube's finest residents - Allende and Adam Byrd, who both did here a very creative work delivering truly unique and interesting interpretations.

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