Progressive House
Strawberry Fields (Renewed)
Strawberry Fields (Renewed)
Strawberry Fields (Original Mix) (9:55) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
Strawberry Fields (Namatjira Remix) (8:51) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
Strawberry Fields (Da Funk's Double Dragon Dub) (6:47) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
Strawberry Fields (Satoshi Fumi Remix) (7:50) 56 руб. (€1.03/$0.97) 68 руб. (€1.25/$1.18) 80 руб. (€1.47/$1.39)
ВСЕ: 112 руб. (€2.06/$1.95) 136 руб. (€2.5/$2.36) 160 руб. (€2.94/$2.78)
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Spring Tube is approaching to its 5th anniversary in November of 2014. We are going to celebrate this date with some special releases during whole three months - from September till November.

Every week in September we've presented you the new albums from some of our label's finest resident artists - Stephen J. Kroos, Hernan Cerbello and Anthony Mea, as well as the 'Personal Space' compilation album by Monojoke's younger alter ego Telekollektiv.

Whereas every week in October is our special long-preparing project with the legendary Release Records (2001-2008) within which will see the light 3 renewed singles with fresh remixes from some of the best Spring Tube's artists on one of this label's brightest tracks released in 2003 and 2004, and the 'Spring Tube vs. Release Records progressive classic' compilation in the end of this month.

The first renewed single is on memorable "Strawberry Fields" (2003) from the maestro Subsky. Includes the remastered classic original version and 3 brand new remixes by Spring Tube's artists: Satoshi Fumi, Da Funk, Namatjira (early support from Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J).

Directed / A&R by: Sergey Slang
Mastered by: Igor Butckhrikidze, Travis MacDonald
Cover art by: Malcolm Abdilla
Special thanks to: Mitch Alexander, Goktug Citci, Satoshi Fumi, Daniel Kneubuhler, Joost van der Vleuten
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