Progressive House
Sun in My Hands
Sun in My Hands
Sun in My Hands (Original Mix) (6:09) 35 руб. (€0.47/$0.57) 43 руб. (€0.57/$0.69) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.81)
Sun in My Hands (Arthur Deep Remix) (6:12) 35 руб. (€0.47/$0.57) 43 руб. (€0.57/$0.69) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.81)
Sun in My Hands (Kaspar Kochker & Viktor Fox Remix) (6:59) 35 руб. (€0.47/$0.57) 43 руб. (€0.57/$0.69) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.81)
Sun in My Hands (Jason Bradberry Remix) (7:35) 35 руб. (€0.47/$0.57) 43 руб. (€0.57/$0.69) 50 руб. (€0.66/$0.81)
ВСЕ: 126 руб. (€1.68/$2.04) 153 руб. (€2.03/$2.48) 180 руб. (€2.39/$2.92)
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Our nineteenth release is a second one from four remixed editions for original tracks from Spring Tube's debut sampler (April 2010). We have chosen four brightest tracks to be remixed by other artists and next of these works is "Sun In My Hands" by our resident artist Evave from Russia.

On the remix duties this time:

One of the progressive house icons nowadays and our good Russian friend - Arthur Deep, who has signed his works on such respectable labels as Unreleased Digital and Enormous Tunes, he is one of the brightest artists of Proton Music and also has numerous releases on Silk, Toes, Tilth, Morphosis, Carica and other labels. We are proud to have Arthur also in our family now with this great remix.

Kaspar Kochker & Viktor Fox - young Latvian producers and friends in real life, offer us another creative version of the original theme.

And finally, straight from the UK is Jason Bradberry with his sunniest interpretation.

We wish the sun does not leave you in upcoming cold weather and it will be always in your hands, and in your hearts.
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