Survivor (Original mix) (7:18) 11 руб. (€0.12/$0.14) 13 руб. (€0.15/$0.16) 15 руб. (€0.17/$0.19)
Survivor (Cleafheart remix) (5:53) 11 руб. (€0.12/$0.14) 13 руб. (€0.15/$0.16) 15 руб. (€0.17/$0.19)
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Nicola Magalotti's back in our INDIPENDENT TECHNO LABEL with a super and powerfull "SURVIVOR EP" including the Cleafheart Remix.

Two BOMBS perfect for the pick of your dj-set, thanks to the amazing vibes this two boys have been able to reach in both of the projects, already TESTED and MASTERED in our studio lost in Maremma with more than 5kw studio's soundsystem, perfecly calibrated to show us the true power our music will have when played really loud, as it always should be played reaching loads of hidden frequencies that you can only find or super loud or super quiet but both ways requires a really good and well calibrated speaker.

Using loads of analogic gears as the Modular EuroRack synth, Rolad Sh201, Virus Ti combined with the best efx and plug in you can find around to come out with a good balace that gives to the music a completely different way to build up a new project from scratch as our guys are now able to do.

Soon will be out more of our Ultra Wild Rec's Resident Producers Music, to keep up sharing loads of our best works with you all, to let you be part of our TECHNO underground movement from Maremma and helping us as always to develope our music mostly thanks to all good and bad feedback you give to us.

See you at the next release with another of our Prodigy Boys Mr. Lorenzo Fabiani with another super TECHNO EP that will be out the 05\06\2019, Stay Connected and keep supporting the true underground music from the Wildest Heart of our beautyfull Europe.

Thanks for reading our UltraWild006 Manifesto.
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